MICHauto is securing Michigan’s position as the most attractive state for next-generation mobility.

Michigan is the global epicenter of the automobility industry and MICHauto is proud to be a part of its rich history and progressive future. The industry is a pillar of our communities, our heritage, our legacy and our future.


Did You Know...?

Gov. Rick Snyder looked to MICHauto's industry expertise in the creation of statewide mobility initiatives.

Due in large part to MICHauto and its partner organizations, Michigan was the first state in the nation to enact next-generation mobility policies encouraging testing and advancement. Beginning with the launch of the Michigan Mobility Initiative in 2015, MICHauto has worked closely with the Governor to advise on multiple mobility initiatives:

  • Creation of and strategy behind the American Center for Mobility
  • PlanetM branding campaign
  • Michigan Council on Future Mobility

In addition, MICHauto informs and educates lawmakers in the consideration and passing of mobility-friendly policies and legislation.

As Michigan's only automotive cluster association, MICHauto serves as the unified voice of the industry.

MICHauto convenes automotive industry CEOs throughout the year and is the unified voice of the industry stakeholders. This provides a platform for industry leaders to voice their priorities and concerns about the evolving automobility industry. As next-generation mobility drives the industry forward, MICHauto works to ensure Michigan is leading the way.

The MICHauto team goes to state colleges and universities to connect industry leaders with college students.

To change perceptions of the automobility industry, MICHauto launched the Discover Auto series in 2013. The event shows collegiate engineering and business students the exciting and innovative career possibilities within automobility and then connects them with industry leaders. Since 2013:

  • 8 events held throughout the region

  • 1,200 resumes exchanged

  • 250 interviews scheduled

In 2017, the MICHauto Summit, the initiative's signature event, connected over 100 high school and college students to industry professionals. Programming focused on the culture and careers prevalent in the quickly-evolving automobility industry. Students were surveyed at the conclusion of the event, with 95 percent saying their perception of the industry had changed for the better.

Economic development organizations across the state seek out MICHauto for customized, best-in-class research to aide in their business attraction efforts.

MICHauto constantly publishes new and updated data to promote Michigan's leadership in next-generation mobility. As a result, the State of Michigan, economic development organizations and many media outlets look to MICHauto when telling Michigan's automobility story.

In 2017, MICHauto sought to reinforce Michigan's position as the epicenter of the automobility industry, combining research, design, engineering, testing and validation. The combined number, which totals 2,200 facilities, provides a more accurate representation of the state's global automobility leadership. Members of the media, government officials and industry leaders previously sourced 375 research and design facilities, but now can source 2,200 facilities as a much more impressive and comprehensive figure.

In addition to new and updated data, the award-winning Michigan Is AutoMobility report showcases the state's leadership in autonomous and connected technology. The report has been translated into five languages as the Governor and other business attraction teams across Michigan have used it to market the state's automobility leadership. You can view and download the report below.


About MICHauto

As a key economic development initiative of the Detroit Regional Chamber, MICHauto is dedicated to promoting, retaining and growing the automobility industry in Michigan. Since its inception in 2008, Michigan's only automotive cluster association has provided a platform for various stakeholders to collaborate on matters related to advocacy, awareness, business attraction and talent attraction and retention.